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You hear from all sellers that their hair is virgin. Should you believe them ? Will you get REAL virgin hair, or just mixing hair ?

REAL virgin hair mean : one bundle from one donor head, no processed at all, natural color
Why all most people is looking for REAL virgin hair ? Because it is good for their factory, it can be bleached, can be colored, re style,… very easy. And no lose money for short hair inside or bad hair inside

What is difference between REAL virgin hair and remy hair ?
– Virgin hair : no mixing, one bulk from one donor head. No processed and natural color only.
– Remy hair : hair is facing same direction, tangle free. But mixing from many heads, maybe mixed with short hair inside and hair may be processed.
So, if you are looking for completely high quality, ask for REAL virgin hair

But 90% hair buyers are getting not REAL virgin hair. Just get mixing hair

So, whey the seller say that : their hair is virgin hair. You need check them before believing them to pay them exactly what you get

Be A smart buyer!!!