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What is Cambodian hair and What is Vietnamese hair?
The hair which collected from Cambodian ladies is Cambodian hair. And the hair which collected from Vietnamese ladies is Vietnamese hair. The name of the hair same with hair origin exactly.
Now in the hair market, a lot of sellers say their hair name not same with origin of the hair, just to attract customers. If someone try to convince you that their hair is natural european or brazilian hair,… at cheap price, be careful, 95% they are cheating you  and 99% their hair is processed.

What is difference between Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair?
Both Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair come in a variety of textures and can be naturally silky or heavily textured. I can be sure 100% about it. Why ? Because our collectors come to cut hair directly from Cambodia and Vietnam, so we know very well about the hair. Many people say that, all Cambodian hair is very thick and coarse while all Vietnamese hair is very silky. IT IS NOT TRUE!

But, i agree that, Cambodian hair have much more coarse and thick hair while Vietnamese hair have much more silky hair. But Cambodian hair still have very soft and silky hair and Vietnamese hair still have very coarse and thick hair.

And main difference of them is Cambodian hair have a lot of natural wavy/curly hair while all most Vietnamese hair is straight. But it doesn’t meant all Vietnamese hair is straight and all Cambodian hair is wavy/curly.

Let say coarse hair is heavily textured and silky hair is silky textured.
Heavily textured hair works perfect for ethnic women and women with heavily textured hair, while silky textured hair works great for women with naturally smooth textured hair.

My advise : when you are looking for hair, you should tell to seller that ” i am looking for heavily textured ( coarse and thick )”  or ” i am looking for silky textured “. They may support you better.

Hope that, this post can help you to understand more about Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair and help you to be smart buyer.

Thanks for reading!