Your Hair-Oscope: March 2017

Your Hair-Oscope: March 2017
New beginnings are often associated with the coming spring. And this March is no exception! Stay on top of your astrological style trends and know what works best for your sign. The wisdom of the stars lies inside your March edition of Hair-oscope!

In the wake of your birthday, this month is all about pampering yourself. A little self-indulgence can be a good thing and the stars all agree. Treat yourself to a new outfit and pump up the beauty routine by opting for that hair color you’ve been eyeing. You’ll dazzle them before even saying “hello.”

You’ve probably been feeling a bit lethargic these days, Aries. But that’s all about to change! Renewed enthusiasm and high spirits will be knocking at your door. Friends and social events fill your nights and keep your schedule full. To bring out your brazen side, get tips and tricks from 5 Brazilian icons and make sure you look as good as you feel!

We don’t necessarily believe in luck, Taurus, but your stars sure do! March’s forecast is full of enhancement — in every fashion of your life. Even if you feel some tension at the office (which you surely will), don’t be surprised if you aren’t rewarded with some kind of bonus or raise. Style wise, anything goes! Accessorize this spring and show the world how you do you.

Talk about a month rich with social activity, Gemini! You’re the right kind of madness that March needs. Friends flock to you for advice, style tips and encouragement. Make sure your hair is on fleek, because all the attention will be on you. Make an appointment with your stylist now.

You know that difficult situation you’ve been struggling with, Cancer? This month, smooth things over and make it right! Communication is key. Just make sure to patch up any discrepancies by March’s end. Your hair needs a dose of smooth too! Make an appointment and get a HydraTriplex® Treatment for instant hydration and a long-lasting silky-smooth feel.

Finally! An easy-going month that will set the barometer for a stress-free streak of success. Your hair goddesses are all in unison — the Lavender Mint Mask is just what your scalp needs. Book a Wash House appointment at your nearest salon and show the other signs just how relaxation is done!

Virgo, think with your head — not with your heart. A past partner may rise from the ashes, but remain true to what you know. Remember, there was a reason this relationship ended. March will shower you with wisdom, wealth and wit. Keep your mane on point by incorporating different parts into your everyday style. Needs some inspiration? We got you covered.

Libra — say this out loud, “irresistible!” Because that’s what you are in March. From style to relationships and everything in between, your irresistible nature will create an expressive buzz that’s sure to make heads turn. Smile with confidence and know everything is smooth-sailing this month.

Just be yourself this March, Scorpio. All eyes are on you so make sure to lead by example. Embrace your influence and stand strong in your convictions. Give your coif a dose of power, too. The hair genies tell us that you’ll be commanding rooms left and right so put your best foot forward, and just … smile.

Empathy is key this March, Sag. People are sensitive and you have an amazing ability to put them at ease. Giving back will also help you feel more in line with your true self. This can be as simple as holding the door for a random stranger or planting a tree to help green the globe! The choice is yours. The possibilities, endless.

Listen up, Cap! March is the time to ask for what you want. In business affairs, be assertive but kind. With matters of the heart, stay true to what you know. This month you’ll be vying for a little volume action on the mane. You’re in luck ’cause we’ve introduced our MarulaOil Light collection. Get it here.

Miss Aquarius — you know that little tickle of uncertainty that’s been following you around? There may be good reason for it. Ask a trusted friend for clarity on the matter before you make a decision. March is also a time to get expressive! Step up your style routine and try some new tricks of the trade! You’ll thank us (and your stars) when date night goes better than planned.

From Paulmitchell