How are virgin hair extensions from us?

How are virgin hair extensions from us?

There are many suppliers in the world now say that they are supplying virgin hair extensions. We think that sellers will be whom know exactly about it because even buyers sometime can not know if it is exactly virgin hair or not virgin hair.

What is the definition of “Virgin hair extensions” from us?

May be there are some ways to define virgin hair, with us we define that virgin hair is the hair which is cut from a donor and not process anything, only washing and make weft or closure or clip… No making anything to change the hair. It absolutely has intact cuticle and natural color and must last long time (our virgin hair last at least 3 years).

About color from Virgin hair extensions from our country

The hair from our country (Vietnam) only has 2 natural colors: black and dark brown (1b). However, dark brown (1b) is more than black color and most people here have natural hair 1b color. So if you see the color with brown or black (very black), you should check again, maybe it is dyed color.

We often use a knife to recognize if the hair be dyed or not. When we use the knife to remove outer layer of hair, if the powder is white that means natural color, if the powder is colorful (black or brown…) that means the hair being dyed.

You can view more on video we test for natural color and dyed color:

However, some hair is cut from the donors who dyed hair before and then it has been growing for long time on their heads, it still looks nice and like virgin hair. Many clients from us like this hair although it has brown color (It must not be dyed by us after cutting from donors).

About the texture from Virgin hair extensions in our country

Texture for virgin hair in our country mostly has straight and slight wavy (maybe body wavy). There is also natural deep wavy or curly but it is very very rare. People have curly hair because when they were born, they owned curly hair but with people having wavy hair mostly because they often fold the hair on the head and after long time, the hair becomes wavy, so it is slight wavy.

You can see that our hair mostly is collected from women in provinces from farmers and ethnic people, they often work so much outside in the field or mountain so they have to fold the hair when they work. That is the reason why their hair was straight when they were born but when they sell it for us, it is slight wavy.

Some hair styles from us with Virgin hair extensions

With straight or slight wavy textures from us are natural texture and totally virgin hair. With very wavy or curly, we made with steam and we call steam wavy/curly hair. But we only use steam to make those textures without any chemical or processing to affect the quality of hair.

These are some pictures from our virgin hair extensions:

The hair on the head before cutting



We are going to cut this hair


After we collect the hair from donor and wash clearly



The hair is being drawn before making weft…



The hair when being made weft




The hair in machine weft






The hair on the head of our clients