7 questions to ask before you buy virgin hair extensions

7 questions to ask before you buy virgin hair extensions

To all hair buyers,

If you are looking for buy virgin hair, you need to understand What is virgin hair ? You hear all days from 1 millions hair suppliers that their hair is remy, their hair is virgin , their hair is human,….
What is virgin hair ?
Virgin hair : human hair that has never been chemically or mechanically manipulated

– Chemically manipulated : – hair relaxed
– permed
– dyed ( including natural dyed )
– Mechanically manipulated : – curling iron
– flat irons
– hair dryers
– banking ( boiling )

Let’s ask your supplier some questions
Question 1 : What are the four critical stages that determine the quality of virgin hair extensions
– Collections : how raw ponytails are obtained from donors
– Blending : How those ponytails are matched to create wefts
– Fabrication : The process by which wefts are sewn
– Sanitizations : The processed by which impurities ( i.e : nits ) are removed

Question 2 : Which of the four critical stages does your company perform in house ?
The best virgin hair companies will control every aspect of their extensions, from collection through sanitization , under one roof

Question 3 : For the stages outsourced
How do you ensure quality ?
Monthly, site visits & personal product verification prior to blending
Quarterly site to visits & real- time product verification prior to sanitization
One time site tour & virtual product verification prior to shipping
No site authentication
No product verification
Collection, blending, fabrication, sanitization

Question 4 : How was this hair sourced ?
How is the hair collected ?
We have our own trained team of collectors. They have only authorized to cut and purchase hair directly from the donor

Question 5 : How was this hair pattern created ?
A : No manipulation ( virgin )
B: Steamed, boiling water ( not virgin )
C : Relaxed, permed,… ( not virgin  )

Question 6 : How would you describe the cuticle?
The cuticle : the outermost part of the hair shaft
Beautiful hair mean healthy cuticles
All : descale, annihilated, hot mess after washing, silicon coating, hot mess after washing…..are not good
Good answer : cuticles are in tact and aligned. We collect our own hair & personally ensure cuticles are aligned from origin

Question 7 : How were nits removed ?
Manual nit removal , no chemical