How to care your hair extensions shiny like your real hair?

How to care your hair extensions shiny like your real hair?

Hair extensions help you to change your style quickly and easily. However, how to keep your hair extension always silky and shiny as your real hair is that all the girls should focus.

If you know how to care properly for hair extensions, you will look both modern and youthful, and do not have to worry about the trouble caused by hair extensions. Below is how to care your hair extension properly!


Comb hair extensions

Combing hair extensions is not easy like you hold a comb and hair brush as usual .You should use soft hair brush type brush and comb your hair from the tail upwards.

Before sleeping, you should tie your hair extension loosely to avoid strong impact.

Beside, you should not dye your hair at home and always use your finger to pull the tangle gently.

You should not use hair conditioner or cosmetics containing silicone to spray into the hair extensions because the hair can make connections easy to slip out.

Shampoo for hair extensions

On original time, you should wash your hair on salon to take care for the best. If you choose wash your hair at home, you should:

– Keep your hair not tangle before shampooing. If not, your hair extension will be more tangle and start to be loosened. I advise you always use a toothed comb with your hair extension.

–  Pour the shampoo into the palm, lather and massage gently your hair from the top to the bottom.

–  Avoid affecting strongly to the part of extension. The next, you must inject water to hair carefully, let the trickle is fall into the direction of hair. It helps to limit maximum tangle hair. Shampoo should be limited by too warm water.

– Wash your hair with your fingertips instead of nails. Put your fingers on the scalp of extension and massage gently to clean up the scalp.

– Use a towel to take away the water on the hair. That does not mean you’ll use towel to rub into your hair. It will cause hurt to not only your real hair but also the part of extensions.

Because hair extensions are not provided by the nutrients from the hair roots, they very easily have fibrous and split ends. So you should limit using hot dryer and let them dry naturally. In emergency case, you can also use a hair dryer to dry, but should turn on the wind mode instead of hot mode.

Create hairstyle for your hair extensions

The biggest enemy of hair extensions is heat. Therefore, you should avoid using hair curling machine or dryer to extend the life of your hair joints.

Shampooing hair with gentle shampoo, warm water and hair conditioner and let it dry naturally.

When referring to create hairstyle, we must see clearly the difference between hair extensions made from real human hair and hair extensions made from synthetic fibers.

In the case of hair extensions made from real human hair, you can use most of the styling tools as you often do with your natural hair. However, if you use synthetic hair extensions, you will have to pay more attention to take care of them.

Depending on the type of hair extensions, your hairstylist can give suitable advice.  Hair extensions should be used with the flat comb with soft comb tooth. When troubleshooting, comb it gently, from the roots to the tips.

Dye your hair extensions

When you have hair extensions, it is the best to stay away from the process by chemical treatment such as bending or dyeing. If you still want change, you should go to the salon instead of doing by yourself.

Care your hair extensions

In fact, the hair extensions cannot absorb the nutrients. However, you should enhance nutrient for your hair because when real hair are attached by joints, they need more substance to grow normally.

Every 2-3 months, the hair often grows approximately about 3 cm, you should go to the hair salon to edit the slip, loose joints

Hair extensions need to be reinforced and maintained regularly. After 4-6 months, you also need to give it away to avoid hair fungus.