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1. About the length 16 Inch Hair Extensions

16 Inch is equivalent with 40 cm and this is one of great length clients often choose because it is not very long and not very short. Moreover this length the hair is not too expensive for everyone to own. Only need 135$ (including shipping cost) (at this time 2017) you will have 3 bundles for 1 full head with 16 inch in straight, machine weft hair, single drawn with totally virgin full cuticle hair high quality.

2. About 16 Inch Hair Extensions with Natural Wavy texture

With natural texture for this length from us, you can choose straight or wavy it depends on your requirement. However, with wavy texture we straighten when measuring it. Almost wavy from this hair is body wavy with Vietnamese hair and body wavy or deep wavy with Cambodian hair. For whom like silky and soft natural wavy, they can choose Vietnamese wavy hair. For whom like coarser wavy hair, they can choose Cambodian wavy hair.

3. Single drawn and double drawn from this hair

For this kind of hair we suppy single drawn and double drawn, supper double drawn. It depends on your need you want from 16 inch hair extensions with natural wavy texture. If you want the hair with cheaper price and not full end, you can choose single drawn hair. If you want the hair with fuller end and more expensive price, double drawn or supper double drawn will be a good choice.

The most popular kind of this hair our clients often order is double drawn hair we call double drawn 50% (not single or supper double drawn hair) because with this kind of hair, it is not thin end or very full end, it is beautiful enough and with reasonable price.

4. Color of this kind of hair: 16 inch hair extensions with natural wavy

We often sell this hair with virgin full cuticle that means the hair is virgin and cut from heads, only wash and make clean before shipping to clients. For virgin hair we have 2 kinds of colors: natural black and natural dark brown (1b).

However, we have factory to make all requirements from clients so you can order colors you want and we will make from our virgin hair for you in the situation you don’t want to make color and you can use as soon as you receive the hair from us.

5. You can dye, bleach or restyle this hair well

With the hair: 16 Inch Hair Extension With Wavy from us, you can make color or restyle with more wavy, curly…well because the texture we sell to you is natural texture, not any processing. The hair last long at least 2 years and maybe longer, it depends on your care with the hair.

6. You can buy this hair in bulk, machine weft, clip, closure, frontal

You only need to supply your detail order, we will count all include shipping and we prepare hair as your requirement, ship to you after your payment. Shipment you can choose: Ups, DHL, Fedex, EMS and payment methods you can choose: Bank, Paypal, Western Union, Money gram.

Some pictures of 16 Inch Hair Extensions with Natural Wavy