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Closure And Frontal were make from 100% virgin hair high quality. It originated from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia.It is manufactured from 100% high quality human hair, unprocessed. The color of the hair is natural, so you can bleach and dye easily. If you have good hair care, it can be from 2 to 3 years.

As you know it can be produced from plants, but for our company it is made from the skilled hands of the employee, 100% handmade.

It has 3 textures: straight, wavy and curly

For us, quality is the number one priority so you can rest assured that if you buy our products.

Closure and Frontal have the size: 4×4, 5×5, 7×4, 13×4

If you want information about our products, please visit our website: www.googlehair.com

Or contact me via Whatsapp: 0084 167 549 4612

Email: hoaitran.vuy1236

Here are images of our products: