Dear all hair buyers,

Have you ever heard about ORIGINAL HAIR ? All most hair suppliers are selling mixing hair, they call it is single drawn, double drawn, it look very full. But, have a lot of short hair inside, dyed with henna. Some bad suppliers, they even mixed non remy hair inside

Do you know why they want to sell mixed hair ( single drawn, double drawn ) ?
– They can put a lot of short hair inside and sell at high price for long hair
– They can put some not good hair inside , and cover by really good hair outside. So all hair bundles looking good all.
– Do you know why they have to dyed hair( henna ) . Because all hair need to be same color, it will be easier for them to mixed hair. That is reason all most hair be dyed ( henna ). It is really difficult for you to bleaching to coloring

But they attract by cheap price. But you know, when you buy mixing hair,
+ you will get out all short hair inside ( nomally short hair less than 25cm or 30cm )    so LOSE WEIGHT – price become high
+ Much rubber band – also make LOSE WEIGHT
+ And you can not bleach or color well – how you lose ?
NOW, you see : it is NOT CHEAP

Let’s say about ORIGINAL HAIR. What will you get ?
– 1bundle from one donor head : all hair in 1 bundle is same ( same hair quality, same direction, same falling, same textures, same color,… ) because it was from one donor
– no mixing short hair inside, no not good hair quaity inside
– natural color ( black, dark brown, light brown, grey ): you can bleach or color to any light color . You will get perfect color
– Original exist 2 texture : + silk and soft
+ thick and coarse textures
– Mainly textures : straight and wavy hair ( 100% natural, no steamed )

We highly GUARANTEE for our hair quality
+ Real human hair virgin, no mixing, no proccessed, full cuticle, long lasting ( at least 2-3 years and more if have good care )
+ Same direction, tangle free
+ Natural color

At present, we are selling to high quality hair market : EUROPE , thin hair for WIGS market, US,…

Because we have own hair collectors to come to all villages to cut hair from donor head. So, we supply with very good price

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